О бренде корсеты Statnaia

Ukrainian brand slimming corsets

We are professionals
All corsets are made by only highly qualified, specially trained specialists. Why put into corsets not only their skills but also a piece of their soul.

Our corsets have a number of advantages:

Slimming effect
The really correct tight makes an amazing effect. You just have to put it on once to be sure. Maximum safe tight is 10% of the real girth

Aligns posture
Corset holds the back. It is very undoubtedly important nowadays. Due to special spring metal bones, the corset returns your back to the correct position. It helps to get used to straight and usual posture

Modern technologies and great experience help to make it comfortable to breathe, sit, dance and eat.

Only high quality materials are collected all over the world

Modern cut
Every centimeter on every part of the corset was designed for comfort and functionality. Everything was improved and tasted many times until the desired result was obtained. We adapt the cut for each figure, taking into account individual measurements and features of the figure

Our corsets are easy to match with other clothes. They are suitable for occasions, as well as for daily wear, for important meetings and creative photo sessions.

Push up
Corsets with cups can be made with push-up. We make it ourselves so that the breast looks higher, neat and as natural as possible
We use special lacing so that you can put it on without anybody’s help.

Distant fit of the corset
Staying at home you may not worry if the corset will fit you perfectly without trying on. One of the main advantages of the brand is the distant fit of the corset. Customers from all over the world trust our product. We have great experience in individual orders of different complexity. And it is not the limit of our self-improvement.