What to wear and how to lace up a corset

What to wear with a corset?

What to wear with a corsetWhat to combine a corset with this fall:

  • Pay attention to tight bodysuits and turtlenecks. We complicate them with a monochrome chest corset. We hide the lower part of the corset under bulky high-rise pants or jeans.
  • The combination of a corset over a jacket or shirt has not lost its relevance either. It is important to make sure that the jacket is not too oversized and that there are no voluminous creases and crumpled fabric under the corset.
  • A corset will also decorate any dress of a simple cut, and then the jacket can be thrown over the shoulders.
  • Eclecticism. For example: a corset of a soft milky shade is worn with a tracksuit that is fashionable this season with wide voluminous pants and complement all this with sneakers.

How to properly lace up a corset